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CLTD -- Upcoming Class

Upcoming CLTD Workshop

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CLTD) program is designed for logistics, transportation and distribution professionals across all industries to become a recognized expert in these essential supply chain management fields.


CLTD covers concepts, tools and processes which illustrate the supply chain-wide system perspective of logistics.  CLTD emphasizes the microanalysis of logistics, distribution and transportation services. Managing a logistics system requires oversights of transportation, order processing, inventory and the combination of warehousing, material handling and packaging.  All these components are integrated within a network of facilities with a goal to support customer service, manufacturing and purchasing operational requirements.

Who Should Attend?

Industry newcomers, logistics professionals, importers and exporters, 3PLs and 4PLs will learn the latest technologies and LTD trends.  Anyone active in daily management of warehousing or working within a multi-level distribution network will benefit from the best practices presented in this workshop, as will anyone involved in the transportation modes of trucking, rail, ocean, airline, pipeline, multi-modal or package delivery.


Classes are highly interactive, with reading assignments, exercises, discussions, games, quizzes, demos, web clips, Progress Checks plus several study tools. The two weekends cover:


  • Logistics & Supply Chain Overview

  • Capacity Planning & Demand Management

  • Order Management

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management

  • Transportation

  • Global Logistics Considerations

  • Logistics Network Design

  • Reverse Logistics & Sustainability


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Please provide your information here to express interest.  We'll follow up soon.  Thanks!

Thanks for your interest in our upcoming CLTD class!

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